Top myths about social media for business #4: “LinkedIn is just for job hunters”

Aug 2011

Welcome to our new series “Busted! Top 10 Myths About Social Media for Business,”where we debunk many of the myths out there surrounding social media as an effective business tool. Inspired by many objections I’ve heard (and overheard) from real business owners, I developed this series to help you separate the fact from the fiction in this still-uncharted territory. Stay tuned for more mythbusting every Monday and Wednesday ’til the list runs out!

LkIn our last post, we debunked Myth #5 about social media for business—”It’s strictly personal”—by discussing some key correlations between social media and email in the transition from personal interaction tools to important brand-customer communication venues. Now I’d like to take a look at a specific social network, LinkedIn, and the popular misconception that it’s just a place where job-seekers look to connect with hiring companies.

Thus far in our series, the myths we’ve tackled have been very general and apply to any and all social networks. But today I think LinkedIn deserves some special attention, as it offers a host of valuable opportunities for business but continues to bear the label of “online job fair.”

Yes, LinkedIn is the place for job-seekers to put themselves “out there,” to grow their networks, and to interact with potential employers. And to many observers, that’s all it is. More than once clients of mine have responded to the question “Are you LinkedIn?” with “What for? I’m looking for business opportunities, not looking for a job.”

DebunkDEBUNKED! While LinkedIn is a must-have for any job seeker’s toolkit, it’s also a vital business tool for targeted networking, identifying strategic opportunities, and yes, engaging current and potential customers.

With over 120 million members, including the top brass at all Fortune 500 companies, LinkedIn has become the place to be for anybody who’s anybody in business—and that includes you.

Take a second to browse through your own LinkedIn profile and look at all the information that’s there. Your contact information. Your interests. Your website(s). Your connections. Your blog. The Groups you’ve joined. The Events you’ll be attending. Now consider this question: Is there anything there that you’d be interested to know about someone in your target market? Welcome to your new market research tool.

Okay, so market research, check. What other treasures does LinkedIn offer the non–job seeker?

  • LinkedIn Answers: An opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in a non-sales, no-pressure environment.
  • Searchable Contacts: Want to get your foot in the door at a particular organization? A quick flip through your LinkedIn contacts could reveal that you already have an “in” and didn’t even know it. (And if not, a little more digging may reveal a common contact who could introduce you.)
  • Group Discussions: The chance to raise and discuss the issues that are important to your industry peers as well as your present and future clients.
  • Events: An opportunity to find out in advance who’ll be attending which seminars, trade shows, conferences, and other events—can we say “turbo-charged networking?”
  • Recommendations: A one-stop shop for all your recommendations from customers, peers, partners, fellow coworkers, visible to any connection who visits your profile.
  • LinkedIn Today: A collection of the day’s top news stories, based on the content your connections and industry peers are reading and sharing.
  • For more ideas, check out Guy Kawasaki’s excellent guest post on the LinkedIn blog, “10 Ways for Small Businesses to Use LinkedIn.”

Doesn’t look so much like a glorified job fair now, does it?

So, what about you—have you harnessed the many and varied powers of LinkedIn as a part of your business development efforts? Tell us about it in the comments; we’d love to hear from you!



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  • Professionalism and Sincere Desire to Help

    I just didn’t seem to be able to find the time or the right words to explain what I offer and how my company helps people accomplish their goals. Rachel was able to ask me some questions, do some research and capture my voice while writing my website copy exactly as I needed it to be written.  Now, the copy on my website is much more professional than what I would have created and having this task handled by Rachel and Resonance freed up my time to complete other tasks I am better suited to do.

    It was a joy to work with Rachel. Her professionalism and sincere desire to help was apparent from the first communication until the final delivery. I will definitely use Resonance again and highly recommend their services.

  • Event Sold Out Two Years In A Row!

    Rachel worked with me on creating a content marketing calendar and content for the Big Social Media Summit (Big SMS) three years in a row. She is very organized and knows just the right amount of posts on social, email newsletters and content to send.  Her content marketing efforts helping us sell out our event three years in a row!  I am expecting the same for October 2014.

    Rachel was hired to write content for our email newsletter and content for our social platforms. In addition, she had a budget to do advertising on social media. She participated in the event live and after the fact to assure buzz was created before, during and after the event. As a result, our event sold out.

    When I work with Rachel, I have total peace of mind.  I know that she is on target, on time, reliable and delivers over and above the results I expect.

    I trust Rachel totally with her ideas on strategy, marketing and the content used to not only promote our events, but also post on my behalf on social networks. I have been doing social media for 8 years, and I hire Resonance to post on some of my social sites as it saves me time, and keeps my social sites relevant and current. They always post great, engaging content that gets my social properties likes, comments and shares.


  • One of the best “vendor” relationships I’ve ever had.

    My company had little or no time to spend on social media. Our needs were to ensure a steady stream of posts across three platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) by harvesting and re-purposing content from our own site and news streams. So I contacted Rachel Parker of Resonance Content Marketing.

    The result was two-fold. Not only did our ranks of followers grew steadily, the steady drip, drip, drip of content helped us train our personnel and direct their own individual social media efforts.

    Rachel and her team are extremely organized and open to discussion and new ideas. They deliver a rapid response to new opportunities — and an overall feeling of being on the same team. One of the best “vendor” relationships I’ve ever had.

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    We are so happy to have hired Resonance for our social media needs. We spend most of our time serving our clients and studying our field so we can provide the highest quality possible. We no longer worry about our social media, as we have total confidence in the wonderful work Rachel and her team have accomplished.

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    I know there will be wonderful content on Facebook, and that Rachel will answer to posts, comments and questions as soon as a comment arrives. I am often impressed at how quickly she responds! Thank you Resonance! I highly endorse Resonance and encourage companies who need social media strategies to work with Resonance! You won’t regret it! 

  • Increased our likes and interaction rates

    Working with Rachel was a delight. Not only does she communicate very well, but she provided valuable insight about our social media platforms and followers. We have much better engagement with our fans and followers, which increased our likes and interaction rates.


  • Produced ROI Result needed someone who could grasp the complexities of our product, capture the subtlety of our differentiating value propositions, and convey them in the right voice for an exacting customer audience…. Resonance delivered, by crafting a multi-faceted online content marketing strategy that drove traffic and conversion, producing the ROI result we were looking for….

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    Rachel is an amazing writer and has really managed to create engaging and relevant blog material on topics that aren’t always super interesting. On many occasions, she has been able to quickly turn around one-off requests and the results are always top-notch. She has also helped guide our content strategy based on her expertise in content marketing, which has been a huge asset to our team.

  • Added 5 figures to my business in less than 4 weeks

    Rachel took the overwhelm and stress out of writing content for my marketing campaign! When I approached Rachel, I was really concerned that I wouldn’t have the time to focus on writing copy for a lengthy marketing campaign that included sales pages, solo emails, newsletters and social media updates. Well, let’s just say I’m glad I hired Rachel because I couldn’t have done it without her support and expertise. I loved how she used my voice and words to craft content that helped me reach and attract my ideal client. As a result of working with Rachel, I added 5 figures to my business in less than 4 weeks, hundreds of new social media followers and exceeded my sales and list building goals! You know your marketing copy is working when you hear someone say, “I see you everywhere”. Thank you Rachel for helping me not only get seen by my ideal clients but get paid!

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