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Encore Post: The Problem With “Like Us on Facebook”

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Yes, the move to the new Casa Parker continues, and if that’s not enough, we were out of town for a wedding this weekend. So here’s another encore post for your consideration—one that points out a misstep I continue to see on a daily basis. How about you?

These days I can hardly walk into a restaurant, drive down the freeway, or check out a print ad without seeing “Like us on Facebook!” and “Follow us on Twitter!” accompanied by each network’s shiny logo.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this … if your goal is to let people know that you do, in fact, have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. On the other hand, if you want people to actually find you, they’re going to need a little more info.

Because using Facebook’s search function to find a page by name can be tricky (see my little “experiment” in the above video), and Twitter searches are even more problematic (with people and organizations all in one big homogenous pool). The solution?

  1. Establish a Facebook URL that you can provide verbally and in print to direct customers and prospects to your page. (My friend Shelley Roth at Springboard Works shows you how to set one up in this video.)
  2. Give your specific Twitter handle anytime you invite people to follow you.

Just remember: if you make it quick and easy to follow you in social media, people will do it. If it’s not quick and easy, well, you take your chances.

So how do you make it easy for customers and prospects to find you on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks? Share your wisdom with us in the comments—we’d love to hear from you!


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