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Cool tool: about.me

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Let’s face it: these days, the phrase “find me online” is about as useful as “find me in Texas.”

Between our (possibly multiple) websites, blogs, and email addresses, plus our pages on LinkedIn, Facebook,Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube, it would take a business card the size of a concert poster to communicate it all.

Or a really cool tool. Introducing about.me.

About.me lets you create a simple page that houses all your online locales—including websites, blogs, email addresses, and social media outposts—in one easy-to-find location. Here’s what mine looks like:


The template offers a lot of customization features that let you get pretty creative (scroll through the directory to see a few examples) and you can add, delete, and edit the links as often as you like. And it’s absolutely free.

Another trick you might want to try: I bought the URL rachparker.com and linked it to my about.me page. The next best thing to a personal website!

So check out about.me and start building your personal page … then link to it in the comments. We’d love to see what you come up with!


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