Time for a spring cleaning, social-media style

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Time for a spring cleaning, social-media style

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T. S. Eliot described April as “the cruelest month,” and many of us taxpayers are inclined to agree, but for many industries, this is a golden time of the year. We’ve long since shaken off the shock of the new year and are ready to roll up our sleeves and get cranking before the summer doldrums come a-knockin’.

So what better time to take a fresh look at your various social media presences for a little clean-and-polish?

This morning I came across Lindsey Pollak’s excellent post “4 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your LinkedIn Presence” on the LinkedIn blog. I think much of her advice can be applied across all your social networks, and I’ve added a few nuggets of my own:

  • Review your personal profile. How many times a week do you visit your own LinkedIn or Facebook profile page? Probably not a lot, so now’s the time to take a fresh look and make sure everything’s still current and accurate, including:
    • Current and past employment (be sure to include any joint ventures and volunteer positions)
    • Education
    • Activities and interests (Facebook)
    • Skills (LinkedIn)
  • … and your pages. I gotta confess, I hadn’t looked at my company profile page on LinkedIn since I set it up a few months ago, and while I’m on my Facebook page fairly regularly, it’s been a while since I clicked the Info tab under Profile. Keep in mind that any of these could be a potential customer’s first impression of your business, so make them count.
  • Be photo-conscious. Remember that your profile photo shows up next to every single post, so if it’s past its prime, get yourself a new one. If you have the cash to hire a professional photographer for a shoot, it’s a great investment … and if you don’t, you can always take your own and find someone who knows Photoshop to polish it up. Also, don’t forget that your Facebook profile now includes the last five photos you were tagged in, so it’s a good idea to check every now and then to make sure nothing … er, “less-than-completely-professional” pops up.
  • Purge the non-followers. Yesterday I finally got around to using an online service called FollowerHub, which lets you unfollow people on Twitter who aren’t following you back. Not that I purged all my nonfollowers—while I don’t expect Brian Solis to follow me back, I do get a lot out of his tweets—but it’s nice to be able to cull through the nonfollowers that I can live without.

What are you doing today to make sure your social media presence is ready for one of the busiest times of the year? Share your success story with us in the comments!


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