What Prince’s “Kiss” has to say about social media for business

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What Prince’s “Kiss” has to say about social media for business

What Prince's "Kiss" has to say about social media

Last week, out of pure randomness, several of my tweeps made reference to Brian Solis’ KISS Principle of Social Media (Keep It Simple and Shareable).

And for whatever reason, that got Prince’s timeless song “Kiss” stuck in my head.

Or maybe it was this kiss, involving some other guy named Prince, that kicked off the earworm.

Whatever the cause, the song got firmly lodged in my noggin. And the more my inner iPod played it over and over, the more I realized that Le Nelson’s ode has some absolute gems of wisdom to share about social media for business.

Quite the visionary back in 1986, that one was.

You don’t have to be beautiful to turn me on.

Sure, at times the socialverse can seem like one big global high school where popularity rules … only it’s not the cheerleaders and the jocks who rule it. It’s the dweebs who toil away “from dusk ’til dawn” to churn out (hopefully) useful, shareable content, regardless of how un-sexy our business’ product or service may be (tongue cleaners, anyone?).

You just leave it all up to me,

I’m gonna show you what it’s all about.

Notice the line is not “I’m gonna tell you what it’s all about.” Keep talking at people and pretty soon you’ll morph into the wah-wah-wah of a Charlie Brown teacher. You need to show them you know your stuff, and I mean that both figuratively (through case studies and testimonials) and literally (through photos, infographics, and video).

You got to not talk dirty, baby

If you wanna impress me

Replace “dirty” with “sales-y” and you’ll see my point. Do you ever go onto Facebook looking for sales pitches? Of course not … and neither does anyone else. So save the hard sell for your late-night TV spots and keep your social media activity focused on engagement.

Act your age, mama, not your shoe size

When I bolted from Corporate America to go out on my own, I realized that I had a little growing up to do when it came to my social presence. As the face of my business (in addition to being its bottle-washing hands and its trash-taking-out feet), I needed to maintain a certain level of professionalism. In other words, no more poking vicious fun at people who use “ask” as a noun or whose every utterance comes out in Valley-Girl Speak (“Ummm, 1981 called …”). That doesn’t mean I can’t be myself and post the occasional goofy-hat pic; I just need to practice discretion and consider how each post could be interpreted before I hit the magic button.

I just want your extra time and your … kiss

Social media isn’t like sales or accounting, without which your business would quickly go out of business. It’s something we choose to do, not for the rewards we may have been promised, but out of goodwill. If we do it well, customers and prospects will love us for it—and yes, rewards will follow.

So start devoting that “extra time” to producing content that people will find useful, inspiring, insightful, or entertaining.

And don’t forget to seal it with a … well, you know.


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