Avoiding Bad Agency Syndrome: The Experience Factor

May 2016
Avoiding Bad Agency Syndrome: The Experience Factor

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“Experience.” Ask 100 marketers what they look for in a content marketing agency, and I’ll bet at least 75 percent of them will bring up experience. And if we’re looking to avoid Bad Agency Syndrome (B.A.S.), it’s not a bad place to start.

But what do we really need to look for when we say we want “experience?” Are experience and longevity the same thing? Must the agency have extensive experience in our exact industries? And what about the experience of the people who’ll be working on our content?

These are just a few of the questions I’ve heard from my marketing colleagues who are in the throes of the agency selection process. Let’s see if we can shed some light to help you make the right decision.


Experience Is Not Longevity

It astounds me how many agencies can cite five, 10, even 20 years in business, but still manage to do a crappy job for their clients.

Sure, you want an agency with a few years under its belt, but don’t stop there. Find out which types of clients they’ve been working with, exactly what they’ve been doing for those companies, and what kind of results they’ve delivered.


Look for a Comparable Clientele

If you scour the agency world looking for the one that can demonstrate decades of experience in your exact niche, you may have set yourself up for an impossible task — and you could bypass many viable candidates along the way.

Instead, look for agencies who have created successful content for comparable companies — organizations similar to yours in terms of

  • Size
  • Clientele
  • Brand character
  • Geography (local, national, or global)
  • Complexity of product or service

That last one — complexity — is a biggie. If your product or service is complex and you serve a sophisticated audience, the agency that does a terrific job for hair salons may not be a good fit. (tweet this) Many of our clients came to us after having worked with agencies who made big promises, but who in the end lacked the intelligence and sophistication they needed. Finding that out at the outset can save you major headaches in the near and distant future.


Follow Up on References

Asking for references is standard practice for the RFP process … but how many of us actually follow up?

Yes, of course every agency is going to provide names of clients who will sing their praises, but it’s still worth the time investment to make the calls. Be sure to ask detailed questions like

  • How long did you work with Agency X? Are you still their client, and if not, why not?
  • How well did they deliver on what they promised in their proposal?
  • How satisfied were you with the skill and experience of the content creators assigned to you?
  • What was your workflow like?
  • How quickly did they respond to emails and phone calls?
  • Was there anything that surprised you, positive or negative?
  • If you could pass on one piece of advice about working with Agency X, what would it be?

You can email references if you like, but I find people are much more forthcoming and spontaneous on the phone. Set aside some time on your calendar and make those calls. You’ll thank yourself later.

Ask any agency about their experience and they’ll gladly inundate you with a litany of success stories. But finding out if they have the quantity and quality of experience you need in a content marketing partner requires some investigative work on your part. Fortunately, the time you invest now can save you a tremendous amount of time, stress, and yes, money down the road.

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Rachel Parker, Founder & CEO of Resonance Content MarketingA self-described geek who can recite entire episodes of South Park by heart, Rachel Parker has had a passion for content ever since she was old enough to hold a crayon (purple, please).

As Founder and CEO of Resonance, Rachel helps businesses publish content that connects with their audience … and converts those followers into customers. She’s also the host of the Content Marketing Podcast and a sought-after speaker, having presented to many major business and marketing organizations. To learn more, download our complimentary audio 5 Things You Must Know About Content Marketing.

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  1. Tom George says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Just stopping by to say hello, and to share this excellent post with my peeps. So proud of all the work you have accomplished to date Rachel. You should be proud. Keep up the great work. You are blazing a trail in the world of content marketing. Thanks for all your valuable contributions over the years. Have a blessed day.


Our Clients Are Saying

  • Increased our likes and interaction rates

    Working with Rachel was a delight. Not only does she communicate very well, but she provided valuable insight about our social media platforms and followers. We have much better engagement with our fans and followers, which increased our likes and interaction rates.


  • Social Media Ranking Better Than Ever!

    We are so happy to have hired Resonance for our social media needs. We spend most of our time serving our clients and studying our field so we can provide the highest quality possible. We no longer worry about our social media, as we have total confidence in the wonderful work Rachel and her team have accomplished.

    Our social media is active, promoted, and is ranking better than ever! People often comment about what they see on our Facebook page. Resonance has added a creative, and artistic twist to our social media that is appealing and captivating to our audience. This has allowed me more time to work with my team and clients, so I can focus on service towards the people that help our business grow.

    I know there will be wonderful content on Facebook, and that Rachel will answer to posts, comments and questions as soon as a comment arrives. I am often impressed at how quickly she responds! Thank you Resonance! I highly endorse Resonance and encourage companies who need social media strategies to work with Resonance! You won’t regret it! 

  • Added 5 figures to my business in less than 4 weeks

    Rachel took the overwhelm and stress out of writing content for my marketing campaign! When I approached Rachel, I was really concerned that I wouldn’t have the time to focus on writing copy for a lengthy marketing campaign that included sales pages, solo emails, newsletters and social media updates. Well, let’s just say I’m glad I hired Rachel because I couldn’t have done it without her support and expertise. I loved how she used my voice and words to craft content that helped me reach and attract my ideal client. As a result of working with Rachel, I added 5 figures to my business in less than 4 weeks, hundreds of new social media followers and exceeded my sales and list building goals! You know your marketing copy is working when you hear someone say, “I see you everywhere”. Thank you Rachel for helping me not only get seen by my ideal clients but get paid!

  • Event Sold Out Two Years In A Row!

    Rachel worked with me on creating a content marketing calendar and content for the Big Social Media Summit (Big SMS) three years in a row. She is very organized and knows just the right amount of posts on social, email newsletters and content to send.  Her content marketing efforts helping us sell out our event three years in a row!  I am expecting the same for October 2014.

    Rachel was hired to write content for our email newsletter and content for our social platforms. In addition, she had a budget to do advertising on social media. She participated in the event live and after the fact to assure buzz was created before, during and after the event. As a result, our event sold out.

    When I work with Rachel, I have total peace of mind.  I know that she is on target, on time, reliable and delivers over and above the results I expect.

    I trust Rachel totally with her ideas on strategy, marketing and the content used to not only promote our events, but also post on my behalf on social networks. I have been doing social media for 8 years, and I hire Resonance to post on some of my social sites as it saves me time, and keeps my social sites relevant and current. They always post great, engaging content that gets my social properties likes, comments and shares.


  • Professionalism and Sincere Desire to Help

    I just didn’t seem to be able to find the time or the right words to explain what I offer and how my company helps people accomplish their goals. Rachel was able to ask me some questions, do some research and capture my voice while writing my website copy exactly as I needed it to be written.  Now, the copy on my website is much more professional than what I would have created and having this task handled by Rachel and Resonance freed up my time to complete other tasks I am better suited to do.

    It was a joy to work with Rachel. Her professionalism and sincere desire to help was apparent from the first communication until the final delivery. I will definitely use Resonance again and highly recommend their services.

  • One of the best “vendor” relationships I’ve ever had.

    My company had little or no time to spend on social media. Our needs were to ensure a steady stream of posts across three platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) by harvesting and re-purposing content from our own site and news streams. So I contacted Rachel Parker of Resonance Content Marketing.

    The result was two-fold. Not only did our ranks of followers grew steadily, the steady drip, drip, drip of content helped us train our personnel and direct their own individual social media efforts.

    Rachel and her team are extremely organized and open to discussion and new ideas. They deliver a rapid response to new opportunities — and an overall feeling of being on the same team. One of the best “vendor” relationships I’ve ever had.

  • Increased website traffic, New Lead Generation

    We were experiencing a lack of internal resources to consistently maintain the Ustream blog. So we turned to Resonance Content Marketing to write blog posts on current industry topics while maintaining a consistent tone with the brand. The result is increased website traffic, new lead generation from gated assets on blog, and better educated/qualified leads. And I now have more time to spend on marketing strategy with the confidence that the content we push out is extremely well written and engaging.

    Rachel is an amazing writer and has really managed to create engaging and relevant blog material on topics that aren’t always super interesting. On many occasions, she has been able to quickly turn around one-off requests and the results are always top-notch. She has also helped guide our content strategy based on her expertise in content marketing, which has been a huge asset to our team.

  • Produced ROI Result

    Form.io needed someone who could grasp the complexities of our product, capture the subtlety of our differentiating value propositions, and convey them in the right voice for an exacting customer audience…. Resonance delivered, by crafting a multi-faceted online content marketing strategy that drove traffic and conversion, producing the ROI result we were looking for….

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